Studio WADS

Studio WADS

We launched Studio WADS to extend the Society’s repertoire and activity through smaller-scale performances outside of our two main annual productions in spring and at Xmas. Studio performances could include:

  • A reading or performance of any play – from scripts or books down
  • Themed readings from plays, poetry and/or prose
  • A ‘bring your favourite piece’ evening
  • Radio and TV scripts
  • Performances/readings of work written by Members

Studio WADS gives Members the opportunity to present performances of work that, for whatever reason, would not be viable as a main production.

Small budgets are available to assist Studio WADS shows and The Committee will always be there to help. Those putting on a Studio WADS production can cast their show as they wish and no formal presentation to the Committee of either the idea or the cast is required.

Studio performances take place in any suitable venue – from upstairs at The Grasshopper on the Green to Westerham Hall and other venues or even people’s homes and gardens!

Interested? Please email