2011 : Wind in the Willows


Directed by Sally Boulton

The story of Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad began as a series of stories that Kenneth Graham told to his son, on the evening of his fourth birthday, with the stories continuing over the next few years. Since then the tales of the four friends have delighted readers of all ages.

Kenneth Graham wrote, “It is a story for those who keep the spirit of youth alive in them, of life, sunshine, running water, woodlands, dusty roads and winter firesides.

WADS now bring Toad and his friends to life in Westerham, with this family show.

Come and join us in the wonders of the riverbank, the dangers of the wild wood and the extravagance of Toad hall.


Mole                                                Liz McCreadie

Rat                                                   Tom Stiles

Otter/ Policeman                          Robin Sturmey

Fieldmouse/Ian Stoat                  Jenny Hamblin

Badger                                             Don Short

Toad                                                 Jonny Bailey

Roger Rabbit/Gaoler                    Richard Killick

Rose Rabbit/ Aunt                        Karen Williams

Alfred                                               Ellie Stiles

Chief Weasel                                   Aaron Fraser

Norman Weasel                             Jack Lintorn

Magistrate                                      Judy Duffield

Usher                                               Megan White

Cyril Stoat/Molly
Fieldmouse/Sally Squirrel          Lucy spearing

Stanley Ferret/Minnie
Fieldmouse                                     Christelle Baxter

Wilfred Weasel/George
Fieldmouse/Susie Squirrel          Simone baxter

Fred Ferret/Duck                           India Harney Lichfield

Turkey/Bargewoman                    Cheryl Fraser

Sergeant Fred/Sarah
Squirrel                                            Maddy Rogers

Gerald Weasel/Malcolm
Fieldmouse/Rabbit                       Abby Williams

Ferret/Rabbit                                 Courtney Hudson

Harold Rabbit/Sydney
Fieldmouse/Roger Ferret            Harry Bowes

Lucy Rabbit/Mary
Fieldmouse/Stuart Stoat              Lizzie Wredden

Boris Ferret/ Poppy
Rabbit/Gypsy                                 Amber Harney Lichfield


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