Previous Production

by P.G. Wodehouse and Guy Bolton
Directed by Sandra Barfield

Westerham Hall

Performance dates: 29th November – 2nd December

Nobody as national as the character of Jeeves, the most superb of “gentlemen’s gentlemen”, could fail to make a hit the first time he appeared in dramatized form. As butler and bookie’s clerk to an impoverished nobleman who practices turf accountancy the imperturbable Jeeves is able, in his own resourceful way, to rescue his lord from one scrape after another and finally, with brilliant ease, to retrieve the family fortune.

While Bertie Wooster is away, Jeeves tries to prevent the life of his temporary employer, Bill, the Earl of Towcester, from going off the rails. In an attempt to ease his financial difficulties Bill, with Jeeves’s assistance, has been operating as a bookmaker at the races, despite the fact that he has promised his fiancée that his gambling days are over, with, as you might expect, disastrous consequences. Entering and interfering in the situation come Bill’s sister and her husband trying to save or sell the leaky ancestral home; an irate African White Hunter; a rich but eccentric American visitor; a baffled police officer and a ‘ghost’! The result is typically joyous Wodehouse mayhem.