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Welcome to the Westerham Amateur Dramatic Society


PANTOMIME – 2018 !

Directed by Sandra Barfield

Westerham Hall
Sunday, 10th June at 2:00pm 
Monday, 11th June at 8:00pm
Performance dates:
Saturday 1st – Saturday 8th December
Matinees on 2nd December and 8th December

WADS are delighted to announce that it is Panto time again! And this year it will be Cinderella, developed and directed by Sandra Barfield. Sandra is adopting the traditional style with great opportunities for actors and actresses, young and old, alike – and a large chorus in support!

We all know what Panto means – Men in frocks! but the great thing about Cinderella is it’s a Dame BOGOF – TWO for the price of one! The truly awful Kard-ash-can Ugly Sisters. Pretty Cinderella, her confidant, Dandini and, of course, her Beau, Prince Charming (the traditional thigh slapping female Principal Boy!) Her evil step mother (boo hiss!). Her father, who will double as the King in this production with all the comedy that may entail. And where would a Panto be without a Fairy (answers on a postcard) but again, in the spirit of value, we have two! The Fairy Godmother AND The Fairy Godfather. And holding it all together like the elastic in a large pair of bloomers, stretched to the limit – dear old Buttons.

Auditions are open to all, members, friends, hangers on, total strangers.

Rehearsals will be mostly on Wednesdays and Sunday Mornings.  However there will be extra rehearsals on the run up to the show.

If you can’t make the auditions and wish to be involved PLEASE reply to this email and let us know so we can include you in the process.

  • Cinderella                             F      young
  • Dandini                                 M/F  young
  • Prince Charming                  F     young
  • Ugly sister 1                         M
  • Ugly sister 2                         M
  • Buttons                                 M     youngish
  • Baron Hardup & The King   M     older
  • Baroness (Stepmother)       F      older
  • Queen                                    F      older
  • The Fairy Godmother           F     any age
  • The Fairy Godfather             M    any age
  • Mouse or Horse                   F/M

WADS is approaching its centenary and continues to put on a broad range of plays and shows – from Chekhov to pantomime; modern drama to Victorian Music Hall; new works to classic favourites. Whether you are interested in appearing on stage, joining in behind the scenes; doing your bit for publicity; helping run the bar or welcoming our audience front of house, we promise you a warm welcome to this friendly society. And if you would like to direct – great! There’s no stuffy hierarchy here.

We also run workshops covering all aspects of performance and theatre production. Our main home is Westerham Hall whose stage we can transform into just about anything or anywhere. And with our state-of-the-art technical facilities, the illusion is complete.

We welcome anyone with enthusiasm, regardless of experience or expertise. Interested? Just e-mail membership@wads-web.net and we’ll get right back in touch.

As one Member put it: “The great thing about WADS is that they take what they do seriously, but not themselves!”