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Welcome to the Westerham Amateur Dramatic Society


by Agatha Christie
Directed by Keith Neville
Westerham Hall
Wednesday, 11th January at 8:00pm 
Sunday, 15th January at 3:00pm
Performance dates:
Wednesday 3rd – Saturday 6th May

We are delighted to welcome Keith Neville back to the Society to direct this Spring’s production. Agatha Christie’s well known classic is a thriller as well as a puzzler set on a foggy estate in Wales. The mystery opens as a stranger walks into a house to find a man murdered and his wife standing over him with a gun. But the woman is dazed and her confession is unconvincing. The unexpected guest decides to help her and blame the murder on an intruder. Later, the police discover clues that point to a man who died two years previously and a Pandora’s box of love and hate, suspicion and intrigue is opened in the night air.


RICHARD WARWICK –  Laura Warwick’s husband – DEAD!!
LAURA WARWICK  – Around 30 yrs. Richard Warwick’s wife
MICHAEL STARKWEDDER – 40+ outdoor type
MRS BENNETT –  40- 50  – organized and nosey. Runs the household.
JAN WARWICK – young man late teens – early 20’s . Excitable!
MRS. WARWICK – 50 + Commanding and alert
HENRY ANGELL –50 + – manservant
SGT CADWALLADER – 30-50 years – poetic and soft spoken
INSPECTOR THOMAS –  40-50 – Good poker face with dry sarcastic attitude.
JULIAN FARRAR –  40+ Politician with soldiery aspect.

(All these ages are broad indications only and our director will have his own take on this.)

Please come along to one of the auditions and encourage others to do the same. We welcome new comers so what better opportunity to introduce someone to the society.

We look forward to seeing you on either the 11th or 15th January.

If you are interested in participating but cannot attend the audition, please let us know as soon as possible by email to secretary@wads-web.net.



WADS is approaching its centenary and continues to put on a broad range of plays and shows – from Chekhov to pantomime; modern drama to Victorian Music Hall; new works to classic favourites. Whether you are interested in appearing on stage, joining in behind the scenes; doing your bit for publicity; helping run the bar or welcoming our audience front of house, we promise you a warm welcome to this friendly society. And if you would like to direct – great! There’s no stuffy hierarchy here.

We also run workshops covering all aspects of performance and theatre production. Our main home is Westerham Hall whose stage we can transform into just about anything or anywhere. And with our state-of-the-art technical facilities, the illusion is complete.

We welcome anyone with enthusiasm, regardless of experience or expertise. Interested? Just e-mail membership@wads-web.net and we’ll get right back in touch.

As one Member put it: “The great thing about WADS is that they take what they do seriously, but not themselves!”


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